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60ML SWAT FOG RANGE: 3 to 4 meters 10% Oleoresin Capsicum Minimum 25X 1/2 second bursts
Non-flammable with ozone friendly propellants

45 ML SWAT FOG RANGE: 3 to 4 meters 10% Oleoresin Capsicum Minimum 15X 1/2 second bursts
Non-flammable with ozone friendly propellants


* Your best weapons are you mind, eyes and ears - be aware, avoid trouble, get away from trouble fast, if you can.

* Always have your SWAT with you- any weapon is useless if it is not instantly accessible. Always have your hand or on your belt or handbag strap. Never carry it inside your handbag or briefcase.

*Never be afraid to use your SWAT - rather too soon than too late.

*Never leave it in your vechicle - any aerosol will burst at high temperatures- over 50 C(120F), and you're far more likely to be attacked outside the vehicle.

*Keep away from children - teach them that it can hurt.

Never use your SWAT upside down- always hold it upright or semi-upright.

* It is unnecessary to remove the SWAT from the holster for use. Simply press down on top of the holster, from the hip, or pull the holster from the belt for use against multiple attackers. Aim directly at the face(s_ and spray for one or two seconds. Sidestep two paces, spray again and get away, fast.


*After use, get to safety fast and call the police. Always lay a criminal charge. Never threaten any one or use your SWAT when not in danger - you can be charged with criminal assault.

*After purchase of SWAT, spray a 1/2 second burst on your lawn from a distance of 1cm-2cm - make sure you're upwind. This will show you how much pressure is required to activate the canister. Repeat this test (outdoors only) every six months or so to be quite sure that your SWAT is working as intended.


* Effective on two and four-legged animals
* Instantly effective on single or multiple attackers
* Instantly causes temporary blindness
* Extreme difficulty in breathing
* Causes Pain to the Skin, Breathing passages and eyes
* Causes Disorientation & Panic
* Non-lethal: CSIR- Approved

Active ingredient : 10% Oleoresin Capsicum ( Concentrated extract of HOT Chilli peppers) - Every canister guaranteed.



Is SWAT a teargas? No. Teargas (CS or CN) is at present defined under the Teargas Act of 1964 and may not be possessed or used by civilians. However, SWAT is at least 8 times more effective than teargas in terms of stopping power, yet is medically far safer.

Is it legal to carry and use SWAT? Yes, SWAT products do not fall under the Teargas Act. However, it may only be used in self-defence when facing a criminal threat. Use at any other time can result in criminal prosecution for assault and civil litigation.

Does it work? Yes, it works devastatingly well. It is used and depended on by thousands of SAPS members, Correctional Services, municipalities, traffic and fire departments, Anglo American, Liberty Life, Goldfields, law enforcement agencies in 11 foreign countries, security companies and thousands of law-abiding citizens. And we have documentary evidence where SWAT has literally saved lives.

No weapon will be effective on 100% of people 100% of the time. Yet, SWAT is more effective than a firearm in terms of stopping power (90%-95% versus 60%, based on actual cases).

Can SWAT be used in windy conditions? Yes, though wind is always a problem with airborne aerosol agents. Always try to move up-wind or cross-wind of an attacker (this is where your primary defensive weapons, your eyes and ears, become so important - don't get taken by surprise, always watch your surroundings closely). However, if you are taken by surprise and have to use your SWAT into wind, always hold your breath when spraying and move backwards. Both the attacker and you may be affected by the spray but the effects on him will be far worse as he will invariably inhale. The bottom line is that the attack will be stopped and you can still escape and get help.

Can SWAT be used indoors? Yes. Again the idea is to neutralise the attacker and remove the threat. Always move backwards after spraying. If you can, get to a safe room, block off the bottom of the door with a wet towel and call for help. The airborne SWAT forms an invisible barrier that no attacker will come through. When the threat is removed, simply open all doors and windows to ventilate the house.

How many times can a SWAT aerosol be used?
The 45ml Fog canister has a minimum of 15 x ½-second bursts (range: 3 - 4 metres).
The 60ml Fog canister has a minimum of 25 x ½-second bursts (range: 3 - 4 metres).

Does SWAT knock a person out? No, but the criminal usually wishes he was - it is extremely painful and disorientating. Most people sprayed immediately drop to the ground and stay there for half an hour or so.

What is the shelf-life of SWAT Two years. The gaskets on aerosol valves will allow a very slow migration of the propellant used in SWAT. It is worth testing your SWAT by spraying a short burst outdoors every 6 months or so. However, SWAT's unique formulation means that if you shake the canister and feel there is still something inside, you can still use it.

Can you guarantee SWAT will work? No. Not even a firearm manufacturer will guarantee that a full magazine of 9mm parabellum bullets will stop an attacker. However, we have never yet heard of a case where an attack has not been stopped by SWAT.

SWAT is so effective that large numbers of SAPS and Correctional Services personnel now use it instead of their firearms in very hazardous conditions. During an SAPS raid for illegal weapons on 9/04/94, SWAT was used to disarm a person carrying a loaded AK47. No violence, no after-effects, no problem.

What does "SWAT" stand for? Special Weapons and Tactics, from the elite American police units trained to handle hostage and terrorist situations. We call our products SWAT because they are used in those situations and are so effective it is like having your own personal SWAT team with you - anywhere, anytime.

Why do I need a defensive weapon like SWAT? Because SA has the highest violent crime rate in the world and it's getting worse, not better. Everyone has a duty to protect him- or herself and family at all times - no-one's going to do it for you. SWAT is THE NON-LETHAL ALTERNATIVE.

Yes, I know defensive sprays but you can never get to them in time. That is why our products come standard with belt holsters or belt clips that ensure SWAT is always right there when needed - on belt, handbag or keyring.

I can buy a "defensive spray" for R5M30 to RM60 at the cafe/chemist/supermarket and Flea Markets. Sure you can, but there are a number of reasons for the cheapness. Will it work when required? Is it flammable/explosive? Last, keep in mind that if you can buy a "defensive spray" so easily, so can the local mugger/rapist/robber. In his hands it becomes an "offensive weapon".

I want a "keyring spray" We have designed a special holster for our 60ml SWAT that allows it to be carried on a keyring - and taken off when driving. Remember that any spray becomes utterly useless when the keys are in your car ignition, unless you can remove it and carry it on your lap. This is the best place for a SWAT when driving as it is instantly accessible.

We will not make the usual "little keyring sprays" because they only have a range of about a metre, project a fine mist which is useless in even low wind conditions and can be accidentally triggered from almost any position. Our 45ml SWAT is the smallest available that will still give you a high-volume fog with a 3 - 4 metre range and is very difficult to set off accidentally.

"Nation, The Bigger The Better.. Swat Pepper Spray, sub headlines, front cover page, Star Newspaper.. Sun 8th July 2012"

BIGGER PEPPER SPRAYS BETTER - Press Release, Sunday Star 8th July 2012

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